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About Mindful Healing Acupuncture

Heather Taylor Oatley, Licensed Acupuncturist

Heather has a gentle, intuitive approach to Chinese Medicine.   Her passion is helping others to live their fullest lives by assisting them on their journey of mindful healing.   She seeks to build a unique connection with her patients to really understand each person and the symptoms they are presenting with.   The goal is to partner with each patient to achieve optimal health and well being by considering the whole person and their mental, emotional and physical health. 

Heather received her Master's Degree in Acupuncture from Southwest Acupuncture College in 2011.  This training consisted of training in the five branches of classical Oriental medicine: acupuncture, herbal medicine, physical therapy, nutrition, western medicine, and exercise/breathing therapy. This graduate program involved over 2500 hours of classroom and clinical training.   She is board certified with the National Committee for the Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and is licensed in the State of Colorado. 

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Meet Heather Taylor Oatley
Why Naturopathy

Why choose Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

For thousands of years Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine have been used to treat hundreds of different symptoms and helped many people feel better and live fuller lives.  Often times people think of acupuncture for pain management.  It is effective for that but in addition to managing pain, acupuncture can treat a variety of conditions.  Some of them are listed below.  

  • Fatigue

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Insomnia

  • Allergies

  • Women's Health and Menopause

  • Addiction

  • Metabolism

  • Digestive issues

The World Health Organization approved list of conditions acupuncture has been proven to treat

Available Services
Free 15 minute phone consultations are also available.  Use the contact us page to schedule

**I currently have very limited availability for new clients.  Please email if you are a new patient and would like to check availability**

Initial Consultation and Treatment
This is generally a 90 minute treatment for new patients that include a review of your symptoms and health history, the creation of a treatment plan, explanation of protocols and an acupuncture treatment.
Follow-Up Acupuncture
This is a one hour treatment for existing patients that includes a brief review of symptoms and progress and then an acupuncture treatment.  It may also include other modalities such as moxa, cupping, or tui na.
Acupuncture Traditional Chinese herbal m
Cupping Treatment
Cupping Treatment
This is a 30 minute cupping treatment.  It does not include a full acupuncture treatment or any other modalities.  .
Available Services

Contact Info

Phone/Text:  720-438-1069



421 21st Ave, suite 205, Longmont, CO 80501

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